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Olivier Manitara

JA slide show

The Men - Gods



Here are the new portraits of the Men-Gods.

zoroastre mani deunov
aivanhov manitara moise

We, the Masters of the Tradition of the Sons of the Sun, we address this message so that you understand a little what the life of a Master on earth can be and above all the fundamental role that the disciples and his entourage can have.

A Master is the greatest servant of the Father. His life is dedicated to only doing the will of the Father. He does not live for himself. His existence is consecrated to a single goal: his mission. His task is to realize his mission on earth, to accomplish it as he received it from the Father and not according to the will of men. To serve the Father, he must even abandon his own will. This is why we can call him a Master: an 'Emissary,' a 'Sent One of the Father.'


But, a Master is nothing without his disciples. He can carry the Light like a seed that he has received from a higher world, but it is useless if he does not have the means to put it in the earth and realize it. In this case, he will evolve himself, will have access to a consciousness and higher worlds, but he will not be able to accomplish the will of the Father.

This is why we ask of you, men and women who really want to see the Light live on earth one day, do not cultivate illusion. Rather, find the means to liberate yourself from it so you remain faithful to what you believe to be true, keep your word, your commitments and act in a way to give strength and means to the Masters so that they bring the message from the divine world and realize it.


When the Master says that you must work on yourself, stop deceiving yourself, stop living only for your body and the life of the body. It is important to take care of the body but it is not the totality of existence. Do not just listen to the Teaching, but make the effort to voluntarily awaken the deep understanding of consciousness. Take your life in hand and become determined to form a body from the words of the Master, a body greater than the simply visible world, than what extinguishes and dies.


Behind the words of the Master are found a higher truth and a vaster world. You must discover this truth by crossing the veil of the spoken word. Then you will be able to live in the perfect world that the Master brings. As long as man has not awakened his consciousness and sensitivity in the great truth of the Teaching, he cannot help the Master, or shine the Light of the divine world that lives in him.

We ask you to take some time in your life to study, to ignite the light of authentic knowledge that enlightens and liberates inside you, and put all this wisdom in your consciousness that has become a solid and stable body in you. Then, you will be a prepared earth, cleansed, alive and able to receive the seed of eternity from the divine world in the right way. It is on such an earth that the Master must settle, sit and walk.


From the spring of the words of the Master, quench your thirst, live, think, awaken the Light that understands, breathe in the Teaching so that you lead it into incarnation.

Remember that the words of the Teaching are fundamental. If man lives only for his body, his mortal and ephemeral existence, for the eyes of others, he will never be able to enter into a higher world and make himself another body to live with. Everything that he will do will be taken by the world of the Usurper and led into nothingness.

You must be true and faithful, as Father Michael has asked of you.

You must be this and not be content to think about it, wish for it or say it. If you do not simply do it, your Master will exhaust himself and will lose all his energy for works that cannot see the day on earth. Everything will be lost.

You are fundamental elements for realization because the Master must be concentrated only on what he must bring for the victory of the Light. He must not concentrate on material and physical works, on the body and the organization that must dress the divine work that is incarnating.


Be simple and true, faithful and authentic. Do not live for the eyes of others. Do not be small, weak and ignorant on that point.

Behave like worthy and noble true human beings, associate with the Light that is present in the world, not to take it and lead it towards death but give it a body, the greatest and vastest possible, the most powerful and the most beautiful. Then the Light will live and act in your world because you will have furnished it with an earth and a body to manifest itself.

The Masters join forces with your current Master and bring you blessings because you have recognized the Sent One of the Father and you support him. Be aware that your role is important, because in the work of the Light, you are yourself a work of light. One man can become useful to many others when he accomplishes the task that is expected of him in the work of the whole.


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