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Olivier Manitara


The Essenes Are Not a Sect

In the world, there have always been racist, xenophobic people who incite others to cultivate hatred against each other, against differences. Today, the Essenes are suffering this: discrimination, incitement to hatred on the part of those who claim that the Essenes are a sect. As representative of the Essenes, I say that we have nothing to do with the word sect.

The Essenes are not a sect. Essenism is a very old tradition, it is a religion in the noble sense of the term, a philosophy, a culture, a lifestyle, but it's not a sect! An Essene is tolerant, he cultivates love for the others, he studies and not in any case does he develop fanaticism, sectarianism, exclusion . . . The real question is: Do we have the right to be different, to think differently, to live according to the values that are ours? This is a societal issue that not only concerns the Essenes.

Here I wish to reassure everyone, families, grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, daughters and sons who are close to an Essene: the Essenes are good people. By "good" I do not mean that we are better than others, no, I mean there is worse in life than being Essene. Those who argue that the Essenes are a sect are not good people. They are liars, racists and xenophobes who violate the law, the fundamental principles of secularism, human rights.

When I say that these are not good people, I refer to certain governments that officially propagate and support racist theories, xenophobic by a "fight against sects."
Ah! big deal, but we forget that behind the word sect, there are individuals, citizens with rights, dignity. The word "sect,"  having no legal definition, is a label that can be stuck on anyone to submit them to the mob.

The word "sect" is an insult, like "dirty."
"Dirty Black."
"Dirty White."
"Dirty Yellow."
"Dirty . . ."

Google, the famous American search engine, uses the word and despite repeated requests to remove it, continues to insult people for their beliefs, their opinions, their choice. And with impunity.
"Dirty Essene."
"Dirty Jehovah's Witnesses."
"Dirty Jew."
"Dirty Scientologist."
"Dirty Muslim."
"Dirty religious . . ."



The Essenes are absolutely not sectarian, fanatical, dogmatic and closed. We have our values, our way of being in the world, and we are respectful of others, tolerant and open. There are laws for the common good and in compliance with the laws we can live together.

It is time to say: Those who incite hatred by discriminating against us with the word sect, us and others, are not good people. Of course an Essene is engaged in a path and a quest and can be just as enthusiastic as any being in any field. That does not make him a nuisance. We do not hide, we are not a secret society, we present our philosophy.

We seek to awaken our consciousness. We seek to acquire wisdom, We want to live with love and respect. We unite to work on ourselves to improve. We want to save the values we believe in and which are universal. We have no enemies and we work for peace and healing of the worlds. We are not a sect. No one has the right to insult us, to discriminate against us for our choices, our consciousness, our deepest convictions. We demand justice.

A society that allows a minority to be discriminated against, insulted with impunity is no longer a rule of law. When freedom is violated for a minority, it is lost for all. So do not let those who spread hatred, racism, discrimination by using the word "SECT" crush those who do not think like them. Do not participate in this crime by using this word to smear others, to put them down and degrade them.

Thank you.

The Essenes are not a sect, but an Alliance of human love awakening.


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