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Olivier Manitara


 GMOs, a Deadly Program



ogm01With the Kind Support of the Social Sciences (Psychology, Philosophy, History, Anthropology, Law, Sociology)

The debate on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) keeps bouncing back into the news from year to year, through which it is easy to notice a kind of hidden obscurantism that reveals the blur caused by the supporters of this new agriculture that raises so many concerns and questions from its critics. In fact, there seems to be more clarity and awareness on the part of the latter than of those who are doing the promoting. It is important to emphasize that the “pro-GMOs” attitude is to impose without real debate possible while the defenders of the right to healthy food are not necessarily against any progress but express a deep intuition, an alarm, a feeling of danger. To help us understand what is happening and gradually get behind the scenes of an issue that may escape us, we must take into account the experimental science that is considered objective, but in truth, it is rather abstract and that social science is regarded mostly as subjective but it encompasses the whole of life from a concrete look. However, it is mainly from the recently published result of a French team of independent researchers on the risk generated by the consumption of genetically modified foods that the following has its reason for being, giving voice to serious science and also to humanity endowed with intelligence, reason and wisdom.


ogm02History tells us how important, for example, were the vegetables that came from distant lands. Western countries are gradually becoming interested in the changes that occur during the “domestication” of edible or wild plants, noticing the genetic change. Since then, research and experiments have been conducted on both plants and animals until arriving at genetic engineering that has allowed deeper and deeper manipulations even to DNA.

The great “philo-politico-commercial” debates that we know today around the transgenic culture and multiple advances of science with regards to genes (e.g., gene transfer and insertion by the intermediary of specific bacteria or transgene) mainly have their origins in the application that ensues without any real or deep consultation of the consumer, of ethics or religious committees. In fact, in the name of progress, we are invariably witnessing a recession of intelligent thought that shows difficulty expressing itself faced with relentless experiments that imposes itself with the same disregard for the intimacy of the living, plants up to the human person.

Therefore, human rights are insidiously violated by an unhealthy scientific intelligence that infringes through the intermediary of plants and animals, foods consumed by the entire population. This perverse attitude towards life is quietly accepted by the majority through scientific theories and technical prowess suggesting that human intelligence is queen in this matter. This is how that from the first genetically modified organism in the laboratory in 1983 (tobacco plant), experiments have followed one another supported by strong state budgets and through the help of an unconscious crowd through events such as the Telethon, high social farce at the service of an unscrupulous research, but that however knows where it is going and what it wants. This assertion is not trivial when one considers that many GMO ingredients are part of our daily lives without our consent. This is not imposed without reason . . . we will return to this later, because there always comes a time when truth breaks out.


ogm03Yes, GMOs are poisons
The study that changes everything . . .
Account of the recording of the radio emission
September 19, 2012, published by “Dub Rudy”
in “The Diary of the Century” – www.lejournaldusiè

“The recently completed GMO study results are enough to make one tremble.

GMOs are already secretly in our plates.

Are they toxic or not? This issue is not clear cut. A team of French researchers has attempted to come out of this scientific blur: For a period of two years, 200 rats were fed transgenic corn and followed day after day in the laboratory, and the experiment was conducted in the utmost secrecy. The results will be published today (September 19, 2012) in a serious American journal and disclosed in the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur.

The results are devastating and the journal title “Yes, GMOs Are Poisons” speaks of a cluster bomb for laboratory rats - a bomb that touches science, health, politics and industries - which will pulverize the official truth. According to this study, the safety of the transgenic corn, even at low dose- sometimes treated with pesticides, sometimes not – turns out to be heavily toxic for the rats and even fatal. If it was a drug, these GMOs would be immediately taken off the market because it is so toxic that it could be considered as “rat poison.” And these GMO's are the same that we find in meat, eggs and milk.

This study was conducted in a clandestine way – like a true scientific thriller. It all started in 2006, researchers feared pressure from multinationals like Monsanto, and they chose from the start to work in secret; they were prohibited to talk about their work on the phone, etc . . . They had to get transgenic corn seeds without going through the laboratory, which was not easy.

After less than a year of genetically modified corn menus, a mass mortality took place among the rats – decimated in particular by cancerous tumours. These photos of diseased rats, published by the Nouvel Observateur, certainly do not make us feel like eating: the rats are literally smothered by giant tumours.

ogm mice

These photos are about to be circulated around the world: we will see them on television and also in a movie to be released at the end of the month (September 2012) titled “Everyone a Guinea Pig,” which is an adaptation from the book by the professor who carried out the same experiment, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, who predicts a “murderous war” between scientists and anti-GMO's. The era of doubt ends with this study and the era of truth begins. Also in the Nouvel Observateur is a thinly veiled accusation towards the laboratories that manufacture GMOs and in direction of public health officials, once more called into question.

From a scientific thriller we pass to the ending of a bad novel: behind the scenes, we discover that diseases and tumours appear in rats just after three months of experimenting. Three months: this is exactly the time of the control by the industry who conclude that GMOs are safe. Séralini wonders if this is really by chance and raises heavy implied questions: if certain commission members - who have authorized GMOs - opposed tests longer the three months period because they knew that the results would be completely different and much more disturbing.

But for him, the greatest scandal - which he cannot get over -, is what he politely calls a “lack of vigilance” from our health agencies. He asks, a little less politely, if it is a case of unawareness, cowardice or criminal conspiracy from health agencies or their experts within the industry.

“Criminal” the word is out in a book on GMOs that is to be published today.

In an article, again published in Le Nouvel Observateur, Corinne Lepage accused the multinationals for enslaving the States. She wants to place both French and European governments before their legal responsibilities.


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