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Olivier Manitara


How Far Will Cloning Go?

cloningAfter the Cloning of Plants, the Animals

At the beginning of the new millennium, the idea of feeding the world with artificial meat came into being, and it made its way, so well that in 2008 a symposium was held on the subject.
In February 2012, the debate was revived when the news announced the imminent creation of steaks from stem cells.

Mark Post, head of the department of physiology at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, said at a conference in Vancouver, Canada, that he intended to unveil the "cloned" hamburger in October 2012, and he hoped to see it produced on a large scale in the next ten to twenty years.

We first cloned the plants, now we want to clone animals, always for human consumption, of course. It is claimed that this will feed the whole planet, that we can end world hunger, and that it would even benefit the environment. According to media reports, the rich donor who funded this project would "see the number of farm animals slaughtered for their meat reduced and thereby reduce emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from animal husbandry."

The intention is good, but what about the invisible worlds? Can man set himself up as God and play with the genetic code of species created by a higher world in this way?
The Essenes, who are never satisfied with appearances but try to see behind, in what is hidden, make their voices heard.

Cloning is part of a plan carefully organized by a dark intelligence. Its implementation has been going on for thousands of years and is now approaching the final outcome. It took a particular turn and new force during the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. You should know that Hitler was a messenger from this dark intelligence and that his role was to put everything into place to create a new industrial age, which would allow cloning.
Men first succeeded in cloning plants and it was a great victory for this black intelligence. Currently, most foods we eat contain transgenic substances.
So manipulation and cloning of plants have existed before that of animals. What do we observe today? Their original colour, shape and taste have been modified. Therefore, everything that was in the order of communication with nature, communication between the kingdoms of life, everything that could provide a point of reference for the human senses - that is to say the spiritual side, the living side - has been changed or eliminated.
In the near future, animals will be cloned in general indifference. The purpose of this obscure intelligence is the progressive sterilization of all forms of life on earth. In this way, it will have full control of the planet and can create a future in its image. This is not a story or a fable, but the logical culmination of history in the making.
This trap set for humanity is carefully orchestrated and, despite pockets of resistance that are created here and there, men are not adequately prepared or equipped to face an intelligence so sharp and cunning.
The Essenes know that nature is a living book of the higher knowledge of the Gods. In the future, this knowledge will be lost and also become a mere theory. Consequently, it may no longer be a force that nourishes men and leads to worlds of nobility and greatness.
Minerals are the foundations of life on earth. Plants are the activity and will in man. By manipulating plants, this intelligence has taken over the orientation of human life. Thus, men have become unconscious, passive, more and more irresponsible, indecisive, weak, accepting everything that is proposed to them without reacting.
Formerly, when man ate an apple that came from living nature, a higher divine intelligence could speak to him, transmit the qualities, virtues and strengths to him that brought his soul to life the same time as his body.
This intelligence is about to touch the animals, which are connected to the sphere of feelings, structures and principles. By the act of cloning animals, humanity advances a new step towards horror, going down.
In the future, all the concepts of man will collapse. There will be no more stability, foundations. Instincts will no longer be stable, they will go in all directions without restraint, without context, without understanding. Great suffering will result.
Faced with this calamity, new drugs and new cures will be discovered and offered to calm man and allow him to live without his soul. These products will be the start of the false humanity.
Today, very few people are able to hear such a speech without shrugging their shoulders, because for them the future is on its way and such a vision seems more than absurd. However, just imagine what would have been the reaction of a man living before the coming of Adolf Hitler if you had tried to tell him everything that happened during the war, and everything that occurs today: global ecological catastrophe, cloning . . . He would have laughed at you saying it is all absurd and would have asked you why man would do such a stupid thing, such a monstrosity.
Adolf Hitler – the continuation of that intelligence - showed monstrosity and destruction. Men were shocked, but accepted this horrible world. They closed their eyes and their heart. They accepted to smother their souls. They gave their strength to the dark side by their inertia, because silence is consent.

Know that we, the Essenes, we are here. We have always been here to balance the world, offering another choice, another path, another intelligence. We are here to protect the earth, humanity and all beings.
The intelligence that desecrates all has already polluted the great message of the religions, philosophy, virtues, nature. It seeks to insinuate itself in everything to steal, to take the Light, to take possession of bodies and lives.
The Essenes know this dark being since the dawn of time and their wisdom consists of protecting themselves from its influence.
This black intelligence is now preparing to deal a fatal blow to humanity. You should know that Rudolf Steiner, in his time, had already denounced this plan. Master Peter Deunov had tried to provide a remedy for this situation. Omraam Aivanhov had also tried to do something to thwart this dark plan by showing the other side of life and continuing the work begun by his Master.
Today, the Essene Nation continues the accomplished work, in a more powerful, precise, open and concrete way. The Essene Tradition is an attempt to bring balance and healing. It is a work of charity.
If the mother is no longer there to carry him, talk to him and lead him, man will lose the path to higher worlds.
All of life shows the way towards another world, but who can still see it?

Olivier Manitara


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