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Olivier Manitara


The Effects of GMOs on the Destiny of Humanity

ogmThe issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is the subject of controversy and sometimes violent reactions from those who want to defend nature. Many feel vaguely that GMOs are a danger to humanity and the earth.

The Essenes are bringing a clear and precise revelation on all the influences at work in this matter. They know exactely where this will lead us and what are the effects of GMOs on the destiny of humanity. The Essene Nation is taking a stand and opening new possibilities for each one to be protected from a foretold harm.For thousands of years, the Essenes have been healers, those who take care of the Divine in all worlds, in all beings. The divine world has blessed this people in all peoples, and one of its blessings was the gift of true discernment and the ability to see and understand the dark forces and intelligence at work in humanity. This gift is not to condemn but to awakenand protect ourselves and heal. This gift is precious and we must cultivate it and take care of it. It will protect us from illusion and the presence of the evil that hides behind deceptive appearances.

The Intelligences Hidden Behind GMO

If we look at the forces that are hidden behind GMOs, what do we see? We are talking about genetic engineering, that is to say, a being, an intelligence that is behind this action of changing the natural organization and development of life. Of course, the transformation of the gene is something natural at the base, but to introduce animal genes into plants for purposes of domination and trade is less so.

From the Essene perspective, this is an alliance, a pact with a dark intelligence. Humans, in their ignorance, think that uniting with such an intelligence is of no consequence. They are greatly mistaken. They only see material profits and the immediate interests they can obtain in the physical plane, but they do not understand the price they pay already and will pay in the long run.
Everybody knows that there is a danger in GMOs but nobody does nothing because they do not want to deal with it and prefer to rely on existing authorities, which themselves rely on others. It is a story of disinformation, manipulation and disempowerment. The few who dare to oppose forcefully end up in prison.

The issue of GMOs is that the transformation is irreversible and is passed on to subsequent generations. This is a direct alliance with the body of man and that of nature.
Many experiments have been performed on rats. It was found that after a while, transgenic wheat and corn lead to degeneration of certain organs and premature aging, producing an imbalance in the whole body. Indeed, as certain organs are slowed in their functioning, the overall pace of the body is disrupted. This imbalance applies only to the visible and physical side. These facts, as well as others, such as resistance to antibiotics, weakening of the immune system or the onset of sterility, have been demonstrated by several independent laboratories.
In this regard, in April 2010, a Russian study showed that transgenic soybeans were linked to sterility and infant mortality. The study of Dr. Surov, which has not yet been officially published, shows ominous results: after three generations, hamsters fed with genetically modified soybeans had a growth rate below the average, a malformation (hairs in the mouth) as well as very high rates of infertility and infant death.
Science may be about to prove the danger of GMOs for our physical body, but what about the danger in the invisible worlds?

The Effects of GMOs in all Planes of Existence

 What really interests the Essenes is the magical aspect. In fact, the intelligence that creates these imbalances wants to take shape in the body of man and control nature. Today, if GMOs are living in the physical plane, it is because this black and mechanical intelligence has found the way to its incarnation and exitence. Now it will do everything to grow, develop and bring its goals to maturity.This intelligence has an army at its disposal and was able to protect itself through an alliance with humans. The only thing we can do is to study it, understand it and not consume GMOs, as much as possible.
The purpose of this intelligence from nothingness is to create a mutating humanity so that man is in its image and it can live in his body in full. GMOS are intended to prepare for the destruction of the universal intelligence that inhabits man and unites him to the cosmos and other higher worlds.

It is a process of dematerialization of man. This process began long ago, but now we have come to a physical realization. It is the body of man itself that will be modified to serve as a vehicle to this intelligence of death.
This is exactly the opposite of what our brotherhood has sought to do for thousands of years through the School of Mysteries. We wanted man to be a pure chalice for the Universal Higher Intelligence.

The other intelligence is now proceeding into action and men are opening the doors to it, the doors of their lives and their future through ignorance, passivity, lack of motivation for life and letting go. If the Cosmic Intelligence that fills everything with its wisdom has given us a body with certain proportions, certain organs and way of functioning, it is because there is a fundamental reason for this.

For man to enter into a higher evolution does not happen by uniting with a lower intelligence, born of the nothingness of the being. It is done by recognizing the soul through the body and by ennobling the whole towards the free and universal Spirit. There is no sound evolution without awakening and ennoblement of the soul through the body.

GMOs are aimed precisely at transforming the body so that the soul and Divine Intelligence cannot inhabit it anymore. Of course, the objective of these dark forces is not to destroy the body of man but to steal it from the higher intelligences so it becomes the temple of nothingness, the denial of the soul and the divine world.

The Real Plan of the Dark Intelligence Through GMOs


 The plan of the dark intelligence is simple: through GMOs it will transform the structure of the human body so that any communication with the soul and the subtle words is extinguished. Man will get sick and then the second stage will begin.

This intelligence will say: "Of course, GMOs were a mistake, but it is useless to talk about it since it is done and it is irremediable. We must move forwards and find positive solutions." Then it will propose grafts on devitalized diseased organs so as to make them function as before in appearance. But, in fact, man will be transformed in his structure and will not be able to go back. He will be forced into a gradual mutation that will make nothingness live in him, that is to say, the body will be increasingly cut off from the soul and a higher and immortal consciousness.

This is a tactic of evil: man is put in front of the fait accompli and a solution is imposed upon him, which at the end is worse because anyway there is no more choice. When the damage is done, it removes the choice and freedom.

These grafts do not exist yet; they are only a project that should come after the GMOs have done their damage. When these grafts incarnate in the physical plane, the damage will be done and this intelligence will have its own organs in the body of man, will live in it, develop and invade his whole structure;the same will happen for nature.

In this very moment, in the invisible world, these dark intelligences invoked by men are thinking out and creating these grafts that will be a disaster for humanity as we know it and as we want it to be : a humanity of Light living in harmony with the Divine Intelligence within all beings.

This dark intelligence captures men by exciting their desires in a world that is totally false, illusory and inaccessible. Man suffers because he feels his imperfection and has in him the desire for perfection. The desire is diverted from the soul and projected only in a virtual physical reality. Even the spiritual becomes external to the soul. Thus, a life, a way of society, a physical beauty, an ideal love, a good mood that no one can live in truth are proposed.

Man enters into suffering and frustration, into supplication and prayer, into the desire to reach this illusive goal in order to taste fullness, rest, satisfaction and calm. By praying in this way to idols, he feeds dark intelligences that eagerly retrieve the soul and the magical forces of humans thus set into action.

You should know that when a man places his body in supplication, even unconsciously, he opens his being to a more or less subtle world and he gives his creative power to reservoirs created by the dark forces. When these reservoirs are filled with energy and power, the black intelligences use it to generate on earth works that will give them dominion over the world of men.
GMOs are the direct result of the prayer and the wishes of unconscious men brought into the physical plane by the dark forces. These GMOs are only the forerunners of grafts on organs that will have become weak and sick.

How to Respond and Bring About the Triumph of Good

 Today humans feel that behind GMOs a whole future is manifesting that is dangerous to life, but they do not dare go through with their perceptions and take a clear stand in favour of another way of being in the world.

If the dark intelligence manages to steal the universal intelligence, humanity will be lost because the true path of enlightenment of the soul will be closed. Already, the knowledge of man and his creative ability are in their hands; so, if they seize this intelligence within the human body, they will manage to destroy everything.

The black intelligence that is in the process of seizing the future of humanity does not like men. It uses them as they themselves use fish. We reproduce fish and use them only for food or as a decoration without any respect or any further consideration.

This behaviour that is empty of love and wisdom has been inspired and inculcated by the dark forces and their black intelligence. We must have the courage to recognize it if we want to find the strength to break free from it. In fact, humans are increasingly under the grip of this black intelligence in the unconscious and mechanical activities of their daily life. It is a real invasion, an assault, a hold.

The mantric words "Deliver us from evil" are no longer consciously spoken, intelligence and sensitivity are no longer illuminated by positive discernment. Humans increasingly reflect the ways of thinking, acting and living of the dark forces. Fishes, trees, chickens, cows, earth, water, air, the fire of the sun are nothing to us anymore as we are nothing anymore for this dark intelligence that aspires to give victory to the negation of the Divine and the Covenant of Light.
More than ever we must be vigilant and find the strength to challenge ourselves. The sacred words "What you do unto the smallest, it is unto God and yourselves that you do it" is a real key to free oneself from the captivating grip of the dark forces and clear the heaven of consciousness of their black and mechanical intelligence.
We, men, are the possibility and hope for the dark forces of seeing their dreams come true. We must be aware of this and turn towards the Covenant of Light of the Essenes in order to contain the void and call on all pure forces and intelligences to share our lives.

The dark side cannot create light, it can only steal it through man, who is the only source of light it has access to. By stealing this light from man, the dark side becomes the king, the living god, and with power, discipline and organization it can generate a world in its image to achieve its objectives.

The desire of the Essene Nation and its Covenant of Light and is that humanity awakens and stops the movement before the grafts arrive in the physical plane and the reality of human life. If the grafts materialize, it will mean that GMOs will have unfortunately done their work of destruction and degradation of certain human organs and that they are the only remedy for an inevitable degeneration.

Behind these grafts will stand a world of mechanization and destruction of all that is divine, spontaneous and creative in man. This world will enter powerfully into the world of man to fecundate his destiny. It is to be said that the Essene Nation does not condone this plan and remain passive, but that we are active in front of what we see appearing in the world, and that we take our future and the future of our Nation and the earth in hand.

Knowledge of the Seed, the Basis of Ecology


In the physical world, God is hidden in the seeds. We can see that clearly in the vegetal world. In a seed, there is a world, the very essence of tradition, of generation, of propagation of the species, of life in time and evolution, of the hope to go towards the divine world. In a seed are contained all the mysteries of the Mother and the body that are perpetuated over time and triumph over death.

There are many messages in agriculture, in the knowledge of the seed. In the seed lives the world of plants, but also the world of stones and the earth as a whole. The two are partners in the seed and in the four elements of the earth too. This is a foundation of ecology; animals are carriers of seeds (comma) and men too. Men carry a seed in their thoughts and an earth within them.
Today, the multinational companies and scientists, and a dark intelligence hidden behind them want to take hold of the seeds to destroy their essence and the light that is hidden in them and thus bring about a form of mechanization. Monsanto and other multinationals have now patented thousands of seeds in order to have a monopoly. 
In addition, these seedling companies have created a technology that genetically modifies plants to produce seeds that are sterile at the time of harvest, thus preventing farmers from re-using the seeds in order to force them to buy new ones every growing season.

It is fundamental that the alarm is sounded with intelligence and strength. The Essene Nation, through the Round of Archangels, must form a wise and lucid intelligence that can inform and act positively on earth. The Essenes have developed quite a knowledge, a vision, a science, a truth that must be put into practice in daily life.

The Essenes are a not people who want to impose its view on others. The truth is what it is, and is the common good of all beings, which protects them. We are not against scientific research, against the beings who want to improve life on earth. We are not against those who want to trade, nor against those who want live the way they choose.
Nevertheless, from the moment they enter the world of the forces that seek to destroy the welfare of all living creatures, that seek to attack the divine world, to chase it, to act so that the earth dies, from that moment, the Essenes must stand up and unite with all the beings who have seen the danger and begin to say it and propose a different world, and there are many of them . . .
For example, the group Combat Monsanto, whose motto is "Building a world free from Monsanto," wrote this March 29, 2011 on their website: "On behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed suit today against Monsanto Company to challenge the chemical giant’s patents on genetically modified seed. The plaintiff organizations have over 270,000 members, including thousands of certified organic family farmers."

The Time Has Come to Engage!

The Essenes must really take their place. They must remember who they are and why they came to earth. They must stand up again and join the Covenant of Light. It is essential that in our people and our nation, some beings stand up to support all our brothers and sisters, all our friends in the outer circles of our brotherhood who are fighting against GMOs. The world must be informed of the trap.

The place of the Essenes is to reveal what is hidden behind appearances because we are strong in the invisible worlds. Traditionally, we are those who protect the earth, we are the inventors of ecology, the inventors of what is humanity, what is the love of man, the love of animals, the love of plants, love of mountains, of forests, the love of God through all forms of existence. We are the root of all religions and all the pure and sincere dialogues with the divine world that connect all beings going into the Light.

We must now stand up and take our lives in hand. We must be active to protect what we believe to be true and engage in a strong an effective manner. Without fighting against scientists, without fighting against research, without fighting against those who sincerely seek to improve the lives of the beings on earth, the Essene Nation must lend a hand to those who now rise up against GMOs because there stands a great calamity behind it. And when this calamity happens, men will only have  eyes to weep. It will be too late to turn back: their bodies will actually be modified.
We need to engage effectively with the beautiful light of our souls and take charge of  our lives so that our ideas prevail.


Olivier Manitara


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