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Olivier Manitara

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Participate in lectures that are unique in the world.
An authentic Essene Master, Olivier Manitara has been teaching for more than 20 years.
Every Sunday at 11:00 am, he gives a lecture that lasts around 1hr 45 in the Essene Village of Cookshire in the Eastern Township (345 Brochu Road, Cookshire-Eaton JOB 1MO Quebec, Canada),where he lives with his family.

Please inquire before coming:
Contact: Tel: 819-993-1203   819-875-3316
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The subjects of the lectures are unknown because the Master improvises. He enlightens and lifts those who come to hear his living words.
For further information you can watch free excerpt videos, consult the catalogue of CD's, DVD's,  and read our articles - reports.
For your pleasure the conferences are filmed and diffused on the site of the Essene Boutique.

 Teaching is an art and a science.
This Teaching, these lectures, are given in a framework that requires certain rules – dress, behaviour – but nothing rigid.
On the contrary, everyone's welcome is friendly, warm, free and open.
Why do the Essenes dress in white or light color clothes?
To dress in white or light coloured clothing for lectures and spiritual work is an active symbol, a support for concentration. It signifies the intention to receive and cultivate everything that is pure, clear, great and bright . . .
"I dress in my most beautiful thoughts, in my most beautiful feelings, in simplicity, in purity, to receive the words of intelligence that will nourish my soul."

 The white garment also symbolizes the aura of light of the man who turns to the higher worlds and wants to work impersonally for the good of all beings.
White is the synthesis of all colours, it is their source. So, to dress in white can reflect the intent: "I  turn to what unites all differences, all paths, in a higher Light."
The Essenes do not always dress in white, but only when they want to approach a higher Intelligence.
If you arrive unannounced, without light coloured clothing, feel at ease, come in, you will always be welcome.

Why teach in a circle?
To listen to a lecture, the Essenes form a semicircle around the Master.
They could place themselves somewhat randomly as do most publics in front of a speaker.
However, sitting in a circle, they simply affirm their desire to be united to the Master, to look at each other, to really be together without anyone being alone, behind or isolated. In this way they also say that there is no being superior to another.
The image of the circle is a living symbol of Mutual Support.
The circle is a perfect figure: we do not gather in anarchy, life is organized, there are structures and universal laws that we respect and apply.

 Why is there an altar in the middle of the circle?
The vestals dress the altar.
Vestals are the Essene priestesses of the four elements of earth, water, air and fire; elements that allow life to manifest in our world, on earth. They are their guardians and protectors and have access to their energy and creative intelligence.
So, through the art of creating altars, works of artistic beauty reflecting the divine world, atmospheres and moods are created.
Everything becomes a writing, a connection is created with a higher intelligence, everything has a meaning.

The Essenes like to make offerings to the Gods. Through the altar, they offer their dues.
They bow before the higher world.
Setting their eyes on the altar, attendees learn to control their thoughts, stay focused and aware.
A candle is placed in the centre of the altar. A priest lights it, in this way he calls the flame so that it  brings light to our understanding.

Why do we remain in silence?
Before the lectures or any spiritual works, being silent, making silence inside of you, becoming "empty" is a powerful key. This helps you to focus, control yourself, rid yourself of the superfluous and prepare a space inside you to welcome something new.
How could we receive the unknown, the mystery, what we do not yet see, if we remain filled by a world of concepts and expectations?
Silence is a sacred art of awakening, of harmony and even health. How many diseases come from the influence of our unconscious words on our own existence?

Why do we chant the “M” and the “OM?”
At the beginning of the work, this little chant, this humming sound of the "M" that we hum together, that we let resonate inside us, is essential.
It can be compared to the sound of a tuning fork that tunes all the instruments of an orchestra, before starting a symphony. 
This humming sound not only allows the inner being to be in tune with a higher vibration, but helps to harmonize it with the entire circle.
Thus, the participants approach the perfect chord of love. Moreover, behind the sound "M" is hiding the word "aime" (French for love). Being together in beautiful relationships to accomplish a common work to reveal the beauty of the earth, isn't it true happiness?

All the individual melodies can blend in the service of a greater, larger harmony, of peace, splendour, creativity, richness, joy and many other virtues.
Then, men are in accordance with all the worlds and can live in the Light.

Singing together

Singing together is a creative act that brings us together and allows us to give life to a mood, feelings, thoughts, a Light.This is only possible because we are together. Singing together is a great way to greet each other and unite in a harmony that is above all differences. Essene songs have a great healing power. By interpreting them with all your heart and soul, it becomes possible to experience inner states of light, attract positive forces in your life and connect with a higher consciousness.It is not necessary to have special gifts: everyone can sing according to his ability, there is no value judgment. The intention, listening to the others and singing with love are the most important.

 Friends, visitors, seekers of truth, you are welcome to attend these lectures, in joy and peace.

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