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Olivier Manitara

The Disaster in Japan


The Disaster in Japan, What Nobody Has Told You.

The Disaster in Japan 1

A large part of human consciousness is currently focused on the events in Japan and the terrible devastation caused by the successive earthquakes. A deaf anxiety runs through the unconsciousness of men, who are clueless.

A silent voice speaks through such events, a voice that alerts man and warns him again and again, delivering a message of wisdom that man refuses with all his might to hear.

Faced with this unprecedented disaster, man will not admit to the reality: he is at the mercy of the natural forces that he cannot dominate. He thinks that he can be free of them but they bring him back to order and show him that he is not on the right path. Not only can everything built by man can be swept away by living Nature, but the threat is worse because man, in his ignorance, has joined with the forces and intelligences of destruction -  nuclear energy - which he cannot control and make possible a yet more terrible destruction.

Yes, man has associated himself with beings of destruction far more dangerous than Nature. Nature is a Mother who corrects and takes back her rights, but nuclear power is a destructive demon that nothing can stop once that it is awakened and let free. We are now aware that human works can be far more dangerous than a natural disaster.

And for the first time, we see that between nature and man, the most dangerous is man because we can still recover from natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions or tidal waves, but if a big nuclear disaster happened, it would be difficult to recover because nature would be truly affected.

Man Wanted to Be Independent from Nature


The world is not at all as we see it and as a certain intelligence makes us look at it. What is important is not necessarily what we see but what is not seen, that is, the seeds. The earth is not there for us to live on, it is there to give birth. Similarly, men are not here to live, to drink, to eat and to talk, they are here to bring forth something.

Men are here on earth to offer the Gods the purest and the greatest. Unfortunately, men no longer make offerings to the Gods. They no longer speak to the Gods; they wanted to be independent. In fact, men wanted to develop nuclear energy and all these forces to be independent from nature. And why did they want to be independent from nature? Because they want to keep everything for themselves and no longer pay the tax to the Gods. So they said: “We are going to fight against the Gods and we are going to be independent. We will live for ourselves and not be accountable to anyone.” From that moment on, men began to steal and plunder the Earth, becoming exploiters. By this very fact, they have partnered with dark intelligences who said to them: “You do not want to give to the Gods, then, we will explain to what to do.”  And these beings, these intelligences inspired men to science. Unfortunately, it is this science that destroys everything and man will be the big loser.


Mankind Destroyed by His Own Creations


It is now clear that humanity will not be destroyed by natural disasters, but by his own creations. We will destroy ourselves and we are already doing this. These radiations that are released into the atmosphere due to the disaster in Japan are changing the whole structure of the planet, even into the invisible planes.

Men say: “This is going too far, it scares me. We should do something.” Then they think: “Yes, but I need electricity. Yes, but how will I live without this? We cannot go back.” All our traditions are dead, so we do not know what to do, where to turn, we are completely lost.

We see the future appear, a threatening future, and we wonder how we will remove all this technology and these hidden, destructive beings behind it. These beings who direct the destiny of man have their interests elsewhere and they refuse to return to the ancient Covenant with the living Nature, the Earth, God the mother. So what can we do?

We, the Essenes, we still cultivate the Covenant with the Mother; it is one of the foundations of our culture, our Tradition. When the disaster occurred, I turned to the Mother and opened up a dialogue with her to know her point of view. Here is the message the Mother sent to the Essenes:

Message From the Mother on the Disaster in Japan


Closing your eyes to certain things that are happening today in humanity is not helpful to you.

Running away from responsibilities never allowed a being to escape from the work for which he has given his life, consciously or unconsciously, actively or passively.

There are two ways to act: doing or letting others do.

Having your eyes open and being responsible for what we know to be true and just is the path of the Essene people.

If a vision is just, you must not only place it in the light, offer it your strength, but you must live with it as well, organize yourself so that it has a body in order to act on earth and its voice is heard in the world of man.

Whether it is nuclear energy, the raising and abusive killing of animals, GMO's, the dispossessing of human souls and their immortality, you must take a stand and be clear. In this, I agree with the Teaching that was transmitted to you by the Archangels: even if you cannot do much in humanity, because you are weak and disorganized, it is vital that you make your point of view known to others, whether you write it down, organize yourselves in study groups and lodges so that it known and spreads in the visible and subtle worlds.

The Essene point view must exist in the world and this must be clear. If you do not agree, you should say so and explain why. You must make your views and your wisdom known. You must make every effort to incarnate them through concrete structures.

The word of the Father, those of the Gods, of the Archangels, the Angels, the Masters, the students of wisdom, the animals, plants, minerals and the Mother must find through the Essene Nation an acting and living body to express themselves, to be heard and touch the world. Thus the Word will be flesh and will dwell amongst you, amongst us, on earth.

Today there is a non-respect of the Covenant and the laws of Nature and life, of intelligence and you should say this.

It is essential that the Essenes are not counted amongst the people who violated the Covenant. You must disengage, do not accept, show that other paths are possible, you must make it known and take a stand. You do not, of course, have all the solutions because you live in the midst of humanity, but you must, at the level that is yours, make known that another Intelligence exists and that you take a stand for her . . .