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Olivier Manitara

JA slide show

Round of Archangels Gabriel 2017


The Celebration of Archangel Gabriel

For Europe: January 11 to 15, 2017, 1 hr from Nice, in Loano, Italy
For Quebec: January 4 to 8, 2017 in Cookshire, Estrie

Come receive
the Great Essene Baptism
to reconnect with your soul

The Round of Archangels
A Powerful Essene Method of Protection

With the presence of Olivier Manitara,
representative of the Essene Tradition

4 special days to discover or deepen
the Essene wisdom through:

~ ceremonies ~
~ meditations ~

~ lectures ~
~ teachings ~
~ the Essene baptism ~


songs and sacred dances to:
~ Harmonize your relationships ~
~ Balance and unify masculine and feminine energies ~
~ Release tension through the force of water~
~ Come together with others in a warm congenial atmosphere~

Archangel Gabriel is the great Archangel of Love and family.
He is connected with the mysteries of the aura, of the human soul that surrounds man as an envelope of darkness or of light. Man attracts to him what he is, what he manifests and does in his life. In this way, according to the nature of his thoughts, his way of looking at things and the feelings that he cultivates or the acts that he carries out, he attracts certain influences that weave the thread of his destiny and prepare his future. That is why the Essenes have always worked with the healing energies of Gabriel to liberate the soul with water.

Special first time price:
290 euros (teachings and accommodations, self catering)
in a beautiful setting by the sea.


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+33(0)6 59 77 87 90





Essene Arts

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