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Olivier Manitara

JA slide show

Energy Mandalas


“Each Energy Mandala has a thought-form, a soul, an influence of its own. Their image represents the diversity of the world, of cultures, of people, of philosophies. There is, however, a common trait that unites them all: their will to reunify the energy that is scattered with the one-Source, with the divine centre.

This is the state of mind Energy Mandalas must be approached with, to get in tune with its aura, its soul. One must not forget that they are here, with us, to help us walk the path of happiness and fulfilment. Their role is to favour the energy of chance and to help us create the settings that will allow for all the sleeping gifts and capabilities to awaken.

This may very well be the meaning of life and happiness: to awaken the divine potential the sleeps in all of us in order to create a world of ideas, of feelings, of colors, of sounds, of harmonious movements.” Let the benefits of the Energy Mandalas touch you too. Being formidable tools for the protection of your home and the harmony of your family, the Energy Mandalas have been conceived to be the basis of a new Feng Shui, adapted for our times and the occidental way of living.

Charming your eyes as well as your soul, they will bring good vibrations to your home, to your workplace, to a therapeutic environment, to energize or cleanse a room. Wherever you will place them they’ll awaken gifts and capabilities that are sleeping in the very deepest areas of your being and will bring healing to your weaknesses.

Enter a state of contemplation; choose your Mandalas according to your heart’s will or your aspirations. Put them in a place where you will often have them at your eyes height, the results will surprise you...

A universal tradition adapted to our times

“The Energy Mandalas are resting upon ancient knowledge and their vocation is to unite all of the world’s peoples and traditions. But they also have been conceived in the present time, in such a way as to be perfectly adapted to our modern world and its underlying difficulties. They are serenely facing a positive future. They have been conceived to bring about the most beneficial energies and influences into homes, workspaces, places meant for prayer and meditation, to living areas. They will push back harmful vibrations, negative states of mind and dark influences naturally. On all levels, they have been conceived for a better world.” Olivier Manitara carries a message of hope through the Energy Mandalas.

The Energy Mandalas have been conceived, in their very structure, to be in tune with our lives and to bring us to cultivate our inner spaces. The message is clear, it is not sufficient to surround ourselves with beauty and things that we love, beauty must also emanate from the inside, we must become a source of beauty and energy. Fundamentally, the world outside is a reflection of what we are. Therefore, the more we discover and cultivate the beauty that is inside, the more it will appear around us. If war and ugliness reside inside mankind, then no law, no army, no treaty will be able to prevent war from exploding on the inside. The only way to produce peace, cordial understanding, love between each one of us, is to introduce and cultivate all of these qualities inside mankind. Then, naturally, they will be reflected on the environment. When the inside and the outside are in a state of harmony in love and in intelligence, then true beauty can show itself and warm the heart and bring joy to the soul.”

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