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Olivier Manitara

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 Since 1980, he shares his extraordinary inner adventure with those who are interested and conveys the methods he applied to himself to open a path for everyone. The individual experience of Light is made possible by his natural generosity and ability to transmit the initiatory teaching of the Essenes with clarity and simplicity.
Olivier Manitara was born in France, on July 15th, 1964, in the small town of Vire, Normandy. He grew up in a consumer society where children take refuge inside supermarkets, the last “cultural areas” of a world deprived of profound values and authentic spirituality.
Olivier Manitara will later present himself as a “child of Carrefour (the French Wal-Mart).” Never having received any religious training, it was while reading the sacred texts of humanity at a very young age, that he discovered on his own the existence of a primordial Tradition that is common to every world tradition. He will later call it the Essene Tradition, carried through all ages by the Essene People, also known as the Children of the Light, notably in the Dead Sea scrolls, discovered in Palestine in the middle of the last century.
From an early age, Olivier Manitatra had mystical experiences and discoveries that closely correspond with those of the great sages and authentic guides of the humanity that gave body to the universal tradition of the Essenes.

Since then, this tradition has become like a loving mother for him, nourishing his inner life and showing him the way to beauty, dignity, audacity and greatness through the lives of the great Masters of the Essene Tradition such as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mani . . .
The young Olivier did not yet realize that he was the only hope for this age old tradition on the verge of extinction, and for good reason . . . The last three great representatives of the Essene Tradition: the Masters Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov amd Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov were wrongly persecuted and constantly limited in their actions, which were only motivated by love of humanity and the earth and a determined will to restore them to their original dignity.
Olivier Manitara would be no exception to the rule and would have to confront some hard initiatory trials from which he emerged victorious, like all the Fathers and Mothers of the Essene Tradition. In this way he has taken all the steps of initiation to divine mastery and in his turn became a Father of the Essene Tradition, an authentic Master, a guide and benefactor of humanity.
Recognized as such by the keepers of his tradition in many cultures, in 2007 he became the founding Father of the Essene Nation and the world representative of the Essene people.


In the year 2000, he made an important contribution to the reconciliation of cultures and inter-religious dialogue by creating the pictorial series of Men-Gods. Through this universal work, all the cultural traditions are honoured and reunited with their original source. This is a humanitarian work of the utmost importance, at a time when a certain intelligence would standardize everything and cut off man from his true roots and core values.

In 2006, through his alliance with the four Archangels who created the universe and inspired the creation of the greatest human civilizations, Olivier Manitara created the Round of Archangels.
This is the birth of a new way of being in the world, a new art of living in harmony with nature, the universe and the divine world through a universal practice and knowledge that completely revolutionize contemporary religion and spirituality.

From the Round of Archangels a new Gospel is being born: “The Essene Gospel of the Archangels.” This Gospel marks a decisive and irreversible turning point in the Essene Tradition and the beginning of a new era for humanity and the whole earth.

A leading cultural creator, active messenger of the Manifesto for Peace recognized by UNESCO, Olivier Manitara is also an outstanding artist. He is the author and composer of hundreds of songs, melodies and sacred dances . . . They are true masterpieces that enter the magical chain of works of the great souls who are united to the divine world by a pure love of humanity and the earth; in order to bring the harmony of the cosmos and balance the disharmony in which humanity finds itself submerged. So, this sublime work represents a large contribution to the world heritage of Wisdom and a precious legacy for future generations and all world traditions.

In 2002, he created the Energy Mandalas. This is the emergence of a new Feng Shui, totally revolutionary and perfectly adapted to our times and the western civilization.
This new western Feng Shui is totally fulfilled in the Essene Villages, true sanctuaries of Mother-Earth where all the kingdoms of nature are respected and honoured for what they are: friends of mankind on the path of evolution of consciousness and the ennoblement of the soul.

The Essene Villages, prominent ecological and humanitarian works, were also inspired by Olivier Manitara to form an oasis of peace and harmony in the heart of the growing and invasive desert of the modern world. The Essene Villages are the indispensable and peaceful force of opposition, preserving the ever more rare opportunity to be able to live another life, in accordance with the deepest aspirations of the human being.


So, since the creation of the Essene Nation, Olivier Manitara travels the world to bring the good news of another life for all those who still have the courage to stand up and unite in mutual support and give birth to another future for humanity and the earth. He does not only talk about it transmitting the wisdom and the precious savoir-faire of the Essenes . . . Everywhere he goes, he concretely works to build another future by creating Essene Villages.

Around the colossal work of Olivier Manitara (author of more than 40 books and 150 training manuals, and more than 1000 improvised lectures on the most varied subjects, covering all the areas of human life and the earth with a totally innovative perspective but still based on an age old wisdom), the Essenia Foundation was created in Quebec, and shortly afterwards the European branch, Essenia Europe, which work for the diffusion and safekeeping of the Essene Wisdom worldwide. Recognized as a charitable organization by the Canadian government, the Essenia Foundation is a profoundly humanitarian and ecological work in its implementation of the Essene Wisdom and its concretization through the Essene Villages.
“A Master,” he says, “is not at all a narcissistic megalomaniac. On the contrary, a master is a man, a woman like any other who masters their art. It is pleasant to deal with very competent people, who master their subject, not just their students. And whenever I have a problem, I like meeting someone who can help me solve it. We can regret that our leaders are not usually masters in the art of governing. Instead, they are all masters in the art of achieving power . . . but this does not help them once they reach the top of government. The Essenes like the idea of mastery and cultivate it regardless of their profession, their activity. For them, mastery has nothing to do with the idea of power and superiority over others. The Essenes want to move towards mastery in an impersonal manner through beautiful and sacred works so they can offer it to others and beautify the world one way or another.”


A Master never ceases to transmit knowledge and the ancestral savoir-faire of his Tradition, in order for it to live in the Masters and authentic sages, not only in books. This is what Olivier Manitara has tirelessly done for nearly 20 years. All his work is focused on awakening and training future Essene Masters and teachers, living books through which we can enter and taste the sacred world of wisdom that the Essenes have always lived with.
Having grown up in a consumer society, Olivier Manitara defines himself as “child of Carrefour, (the French Wal-Mart).” It was, he tells us, the weekly pilgrimage of the family, a true ritual that no one could depart from .
So if he was able to distance himself from these temples of modern consumerism to approach the temples of living nature and their mysteries, Olivier Manitara is nonetheless is a man of his time.

Far from denying the modern world, he appreciates the positive technological developments, such as the internet and new media that can greatly facilitate international exchanges and an openness to all cultures.

However, he also sees very clearly and condemns the trap of a society where everything is mechanized, where the primordial traditions are disappearing as much as the plants and animals, where man and human values are giving way to an increasingly predominant technology. He offers another look at the current events of our modern world and the ecologic and economic crisis that it has been going through in recent years to anyone who will listen.

He strongly defends the Essene wisdom point of view on subjects as serious and current as GMO, cloning, the death penalty, religious conflict, terrorism, war, the school system, organ donation, preparation for death, birth, family conflicts ....
Olivier Manitara is far from being a spiritualist cut off from the world and its realities. On the contrary, himself a father of three children, business entrepreneur and tireless traveler, he is committed to applying the practical and concrete aspects of the entire teaching of the Essene Tradition in his everyday life and offering simple and practical techniques for all those who want wisdom in their lives.
This approach is becoming increasingly alive in all of its work since the inception of the Essene Nation, and the integration of the four seals into the Round of Archangels, the four fundamental principles of our modern world: Work, Health, Family and Money.

And this is how the concept of the Essene Villages was born, privileged living spaces that can harmonize all aspects of life, economic, ecological, familial, cultural, spiritual and sacred, in accordance with the millennial Essene Wisdom.