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Olivier Manitara



The Mysteries of the Spirit

The-Mysteries-of-the-SpiritTitle: The Mysteries of the Spirit
Subtitle: A Teaching of Archangel Michael
Publisher: Editions Essenia
Author: Olivier Manitara
ISBN: 978-2-924056-10-3
Pages: 233

It is not easy to rise to the understanding of a superior Intelligence. It takes effort, work on oneself, patience. Sometimes, it takes years of meditation to reach the understanding of one psalm. Two thousand years have passed since Jesus spoke his divine words and we are still far from having understood everything.

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The Prophecy of the Buddha

The-Prophecy-of-the-BuddhaTitle: The Prophecy of the Buddha
Subtitle: Will the wheel of Dharma really stop as announced in the sacred texts?
Author: Olivier Manitara
ISBN: 978-2-924056-09-7
Number of page: 211

 The Buddha is one of the beings who made their mark in history, bringing humanity a philosophy of kindness and compassion. His teaching has awakened many beings and has left us a message of serenity.
According to the texts of Buddhism, the Buddha said that the Wheel of Dharma, the wheel of the Divine Teaching, would stop turning 2500 years after his coming and then it would be started again.
Olivier Manitara, carrier of the Essene tradition, teaches us it is possible to keep the wisdom of the Buddha by unifying forces and leading them towards a higher world.
How do we participate in keeping the Divinity that has been transmitted to us through the Masters, such as the Buddha, in order for this earth of men to be carrier of the Light?
If you like the teachings of Buddhism and you would like for it to live on, you can find the answers to that question in this book.

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Solve and Coagula


Title : Solve and Coagula
Subtitle : The Secrets of the Philosophical Stone
Author : Olivier Manitara
ISBN : 978-2-923880-21-1
Number of page : 160

The Egyptians and ancient Greeks, like other insiders knew the secrets of solve et coagula, the first principle of alchemy whose outcome would be the philosopher's stone. In continuity with the teaching of the tradition of the Light, Olivier Manitara sheds new light on these two principles of spiritualization and materialization. You who seek the knowledge that illuminates, you will discover here a wisdom that awakens consciousness and can be transformed such as lead that turns into pure gold. Olivier Manitara is the living memory of the Essenes.

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Mary the Essene Virgin


Title: Marie the Essene Virgin
Subtitle: Her Life, Her Initiation, Her Teaching, Her Departure to the Divine World.
Author: Olivier Manitara
 ISBN: 978-0981026015

Was the Virgin Mary really the naive woman established religions have
 No, Mary was an Essene, a high level initiate, a healer, an authentic Master.
 What do we truly know of the one whom history calls the Mother of God?
 Thanks to his capacity to penetrate the ‘soul’ of a being, the author raises a
 corner of the veil, and blows away the dust of all the false beliefs that we have
 been inculcated about her. With him we plunge into the richness, the beauty
 of her inner life, at the heart of her experiences, and we discover a fascinating
 world of sensitivity, joy, ecstasy...

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