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Olivier Manitara



The 22 Arcana

The 22 Arcana

Title: The 22 Arcana
Subtitle: Methods for Liberation from Karma
Author: Olivier Manitara
ISBN: 978-2-924056-12-7
Number of page: 249

The twenty-two arcana taught in this book are wisdom teachings that come from the tradition of the Masters. These movements are sacred and accessible to everyone, containing the secrets for a beautiful life in harmony with the fundamental laws.

Olivier Manitara reveals an ancestral knowledge to us through these arcana that open the door to a new way of living and are part of the global project of the Essene Nation for a real education of man.


The Secret Book of the Essene Magi

The Secret Book of the Essene MagiTitle: The Secret Book of the Essene Magi
Subtitle: Lear to Live With an Angel
Author: Olivier Manitara
ISBN: 978-2-924056-07-3
Number of page: 403

An exceptional book that reveals the basics for the evolution of man and gives all the essential answers about the Essenes

How can nature rebuild the four bodies of earth, water, air and fire? Is there a way to approach her for that? Can we do it with the active life that we lead?

How can we purify our five senses, our touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight? Can all these subtle organs be reborn? Is there a way for our senses to become increasingly subtle, until we enter into higher worlds?

Is there really a way on earth to master your life and become the creator of your destiny? And is there really a path that leads men to a world of eternity and immortality?

In this book you will find the answers to all these questions. You will see the true Light, the true wisdom that has no age and is applicable for all those who have a sincere desire to live with the divine world.

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A Look at the Invisible

A-Look-at-the-InvisibleTitle: A Look at the Invisible
Subtitle: The Archangel Michael lets us look behind the veil of mystery
Author: Olivier Manitara
Publisher: Essenia
Release Date: 01 July 2011
Quebec ISBN: 978-2-923880-44-0

The man wants to know how it is made beyond the physical body, to know his world deeply and live for the better. Learn to recognize the mysteries that lie in every thing to build a life that will survive beyond death, is the great goal of man.
This book reveals the worlds that live and work around us. It teaches us how to interact with them in a fair and above. Who lives in these worlds that we normally encounter in full light only when our great passage? Who are our true friends and who are our enemies, and how to recognize them? Through his teaching, Archangel Michael takes us into now behind the veil of these mysteries.
All answers to the questions you ask yourself on the transition worlds, the physical world of man, through the spiritual worlds, that of death to the world of eternity, you are revealed in this book . So you can write your life consciousness in all worlds.

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Find Your Own Path

Find-Your-Own-PathTitle: Find Your Own Path
Subtitle: The True Values of Life
Author: Olivier Manitara
ISBN: 978-1-926764-05-4
Number of pages: 137

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