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Olivier Manitara



Saint John the Essene

Saint-John-the-EsseneTitle : Saint John the Essene
Subtitle : The Revealed Destiny of Saint John the Evangelist, Heir of Christ's Secret Doctrine
Author : Olivier Manitara
ISBN : 978-1-926764-08-5
Number of page : 303

Owing to The Da Vinci Code, millions of enthusiastic readers have been able to discover that there was a secret history of Christianity, a mysterious lineage which goes back to the era of Jesus. In the face of the immense interest shown to that information, the contemporary
Essene School has decided to pass on some elements of the true story of Saint John, the beloved disciple of Christ.
Thanks to the revelations of Olivier Manitara, one discovers why Saint John, Mary Magdalene and Jesus —who were childhood friends— have made a mark in history, and how they have engendered a secret filiation, uninterrupted to the present day.
After the passing of Jesus, the external Church was entrusted to Saint Peter. As for Saint John, he became the carrier of the other face of Christ, of his secret doctrine. He founded a School of Mysteries at Ephesus with the help of the mother of Jesus, Mary, the high Essene initiate. The author has had access to the timeless archives of the Essene Tradition, also known as the Fifth Gospel. This is how he can offer us these extraordinary revelations on the hidden side of Christianity.

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