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Olivier Manitara

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Cell Phones


Are Cell Phones Unhealthy?

Since they were introduced, cell phones have raised many questions: Are they safe? Can the waves they emit affect our health?Of course, those who love the technology will say that they are completely harmless, so we even give them to our children because we want to be always in contact with them, we want to protect them as much as possible. Are we wasting our lives and the lives of our children by our unconsciousness?The Essenes, who are always looking to see what is behind appearances, asked the Mother for her point of view of about cell phones. This is the alarming message that she gave me.

Message from the Mother About Cells Phones

"Today men are alarmed about nuclear disasters, but it is all part of a plan that was written by these intelligences that do not like the Light.
The Essenes and all the beings who want to work for the Light must learn to write in all the worlds so that works of Light appear.
A dark writing that has not yet appeared is hidden in cell phones. This writing is intended to destroy the humanity of Light. There are in these phones certain waves that destroy brain cells. They ossify them and prevent them from entering into processes of living thought and perception. There is a force that is put out to nibble at the brain cells and that brings an inability to perceive the living and brings an unbalance. Balance is in man’s brain. To destroy this balance is to seize man and create a false balance.
I am asking you to no longer bring a cell phone to your ear. If you need to use one, do it with headphones or a speaker. This way you will limit the damage and you will not have your brain atrophied in a few years.

This is a message that you must get across around you, not in an alarming way, but by bringing it in clarity, modesty, service and by showing all aspects and finding all the arguments that demonstrate and show this reality. You will thus be able to anticipate events and place other writings on those placed by these intelligences that do not respect the Light.
Every time the phone waves affect your brain, it begins to breathe differently. It is like the lungs of a smoker. The organs breathe correctly when the nicotine and tar do not enter, but they are modified through the alliance of the smoke. Behind the smoke, there is a being, a memory, awriting, an egregore, a world . . . This world seeks to kill the cells of the lungs in order to take their place in the future. Before dying, the cells become denser, like a dry crust on a wound. When the brain is subjected to the radiation of cell phones, the same phenomenon occurs.

If you look at a brain exposed to daily radiation, after a while you will see small desiccated grains, like lentils that have not sprouted. This will cause pain and prevent living in a serene space. Imagine that you have a toothache and you want to eat; now you know what I am talking about.

It is therefore vital to put some distance between you, the battery located inside the phone and the radiation emanating from it. Do not bring it to your ear or on your heart or on any other organ permanently. It is important not to do so anymore because this intelligence who does not like the Light and who is behind all this technology which man fell in love with seeks to place man outside of any understanding or any sensible reasoning by making him do all kinds of works and activities devoid of wisdom.

But beyond this degradation of man, it seeks to give a concrete embodiment to the astral body of man. Thus, there will be no more breathing, and therefore no contact with a superior intelligence. This is the first step towards robotization, towards man as a bio-machine. Without the astral breathing, evolution is no longer possible outside technology: no new thoughts, no more opportunities to replenish oneself at night, travel to other worlds, contact your soul . . .
Life is to replenish ourselves, renew our cells, our inner life, our soul, our intelligence . . . If your astral body does not exist anymore or becomes dense, you will no longer have the means to breathe into a higher heaven.

Your guide has taught you, at a time, that there is a grid around the earth, which is true, for the earth is surrounded by satellites and electronics that allow a certain intelligence to make a connection between earth and sky. In truth, this intelligence wants to master the world of the ethers and the astral by making a connection with man on earth, by using him as a relay antenna. Then, through technology, man is being densified in his ether and astrality so that he becomes totally at the mercy of an intelligence that will have full control over him. That is why we are talking of a soulless humanity.

Man is going towards extermination, and his future will consist in being a fertilizer or a seed as infertile as the GMOs. He will not be able to digest anything because he will be a piece of earth without a soul.

It is vital for you, the Essenes, that you become aware of this possibility and that you do not enter into this writing that has been placed by a certain intelligence to create the humanity of tomorrow. That is why I ask the Essenes to organize, to enter the Earth of Uriel and write with force the humanity of tomorrow. Do it.
I give you the information before your official science speaks to you about it. Know that when it will speak, it will be too late.

What they do to me through the nuclear, it is done to you through the radiation of the cell phones. Through the men who are behind this, there is a dark intelligence that does not like the Light. You must understand it and learn to develop a greater vision before you lose your soul and are plunged into darkness.

Do not bring anymore these cell phones to your ear so that you may keep the organs that allow you to breathe in your thoughts, to balance the worlds in you and around you and strengthen your will in the service of the Common Good that opens the gates of eternity and immortality.

There is nothing more terrible for man to not know in what world he is, totally ignorant of what is true and what is false . . .