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Olivier Manitara

JA slide show

Angel Mandalas

An Angel Mandala is a door to another world that can be called “angelic.” Therefore it is connected to a specific virtue. The Angels are the eternal virtues that connect man to the blessing of a higher consciousness and life. By working with a virtue, man nourishes his soul and can really connect with the Angels in life. What makes a person strong is the connection with a higher world that is greater than his body and his earthly life. All the Mandalas of the Angels can be purchased at the  Essene Boutique.


Angel of Motherhood
Angel of Conviction
Angel of Sweetness
Angel of Power



Essene Arts

mandala8 Mandalas
The-tree-of-life-and-the-10-words-of-the-awakening 30cm Meditative Drawings
Peter Deunov Men-gods