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Olivier Manitara

JA slide show

Round of Archangels Uriel 2017

 web RA Uriel 2017

The Great Essene Method of Everyday Protection
presents the next gathering

June 14-18, 2017 in Quebec
June 21-25, 2017 in Spain


The Great Healing: Celebrate Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel-with-snowWinter is a big challenge. Nothing on the outside will let us escape from our inner life, no agitation to escape the silence. Only what we have cultivated of genuine and true can remain. In the outer cold, our only resources and our heat are inside.


Restorative Sleep

Restorative Sleep NightFor the Essenes, the preparation for sleep is very important because at night, you go into another world, and this experience can be greatly beneficial thanks to a good preparation. Before going into the kingdom of night, it is important to review your day so that you weigh your words and actions of the last hours on the scale of your consciousness.


Jesus, the Daily Life of a Master - part 2

Jesus-the-daily-life-of-a-masterSome were Essenes who had great awareness on the hierarchies of darkness. The Master had told them that they were so tense about the fear to make a pact with evil, that finally, they were giving it strength and unconsciously were fashioning receptacles for darkness.


An Introduction to the Essene Christian Church

Encens-thOlivier Manitara started teaching around 25 years ago and for the past 10 years, has been spreading his message throughout major French speaking countries around the World. 
Olivier is the person that I have been searching for since this life started.
I was a complete atheist when I left the UK and several years after. It took...


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